March 2023 launch of our production workshop

Today, 97% of clothes sold in France are made abroad.

This number is disappointing when you know that France is recognized worldwide in the fashion world...
At Hortence, we have decided to take into account all the current issues and to change our way of working.

So we asked ourselves the following question:

How do we make our brand more ethical?

To do this, we finally agreed on a strategic plan which would put France in the spotlight.

We have thus created, with the support of BPI France, our own production workshop in Île-de-France, in the Paris-Saclay area.

This allows us to assure you that our articles are made in good conditions, that our employees are fairly paid and happy to work with us. Finally, a garment made in France is also a garment with a lower carbon impact.

This workshop allows us to offer you production on demand, avoiding overstocks and waste. We are the exact opposite of "Fast-Fashion".

We are also very sensitive to sustainable development. This is why we have redesigned our choice of materials to offer you more durable clothing. A good quality garment is a garment that lasts longer and it is also a way to avoid overconsumption.

Hortence therefore offers you a collection of silk and Baby-Alpaca clothing.

  • Our dresses, pants and shirts are made of silk, fiber recognized for its many qualities. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, weather resistant and antibacterial. This fiber is soft and durable in addition to being comfortable.
  • Our sweaters are in baby alpaca and wool. Baby Alpaca is a very warm and thermoregulating wool. This wool adapts to temperature changes while being completely hypoallergenic. It is also one of the rare materials that improves over time, so much so that the colors are even more vivid over the years.
  • Our T-shirts are made of Lyocell. This fiber entirely of plant origin is one of the most eco-responsible used in fashion. It provides soft and wrinkle-resistant fabrics while being biodegradable and vegan.

Discover our new limited and exclusive series, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO-Tex certified, durable and environmentally friendly.

 We are proud to have created our own production workshop in France, allowing production that respects the environment and our national economy. With our on-demand production, you can order unique pieces, made to measure for you, while supporting our local economy.

Join the Hortence Paris community and discover our "Made in France" collections, which combine responsible fashion and timeless elegance. Buy now with confidence, knowing you're making an ethical choice for your wardrobe and for the planet.

The Hortence Paris team